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How to Prep your Skin for Gorgeous Day-of Glow


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Have you been wondering how to keep breakouts at bay for your wedding? Stressing over what skin care products you should be using or when to try new treatments? Don’t worry! I had the opportunity to chat with House of Tesla Owner and Lead Makeup Artist Halley Hamer about how to address your wedding day beauty concerns. As an expert artist herself, she’s well versed in what your skin needs ahead of time for an optimal glow. Read on for her tips, tricks, and insight on everything beauty, from unexpected steps to include in your routine to what to cover with your MUA before your big day. 

Q. Let’s jump right in! At what point should you start to establish your skin care routine before your wedding

A. I like to tell my girls at least three months before, especially if you don’t know how your skin will react to something new. Some products will bring out impurities first before your skin gets used to them and neutralizes. Three months also gives you enough time to figure out what kind of skin you have. If you try something for oily skin and realize you have more of a combo type, there’s time to switch your products. To simplify your process, I’d recommend getting a facial so an esthetician can give you professional advice on the right treatments.  

Q. When should you have your day-of regimen decided? 

A. In that first month, you’re figuring out what your best skin care cocktail is—by the end you should have your routine ready. Make sure your skin is happy with you and not irritated, then stay with those products for the next two months. Your skin will be hydrated, and there won’t be any surprises. 

Q. To get the best results, what should a bride’s routine look like? 

A. It starts with what you put in your body: Drink water. It plumps, hydrates, and gives you a bit of glow by itself. It’s also about what you eat. Consider cutting out anything that causes inflammation like dairy or animal products, which can make you puffy or cause an acne flair up. That’s your first step. From there, always remove your makeup and wash your face morning and night! Then exfoliate. I recommend exfoliating at least once or twice a week. Once a week will make a difference. Of course, moisturizing is very important, and you always need SPF—every day, all day, put it on!

Q. Any best kept secrets you’re willing to share for an even more radiant finish?

A. I love Lancer’s Caviar Lime Acid Peel. It has glycolic acid and retinol in it but almost anyone can use it—I have super sensitive skin. (Just make sure to try it within that first month of putting your routine together!) If I have something special coming up, I use the peel two or three days before. Wash your face first, then apply the lotion like a mask and wait 10 to 15 minutes, or longer if you like. It gives a little tingle but doesn’t burn or leave your skin red. Wash it off and you’ll have the prettiest glow and super soft skin. You can skip exfoliating if you use it and be careful not to add any other retinols.

Q. Saving the best for last: What does every makeup artist wish their brides knew ahead of their big day?

A. Having a plan with your makeup artist is important. Let them know what services you want for that special day. If we’ve communicated about it, I’ll do a quick facial with a mask for my brides before applying their makeup. Talk to your makeup artist about inspiration for your look too. If you see something you like in a magazine or online and bring it to us, we can take pieces of it and tailor to you in a way that accentuates your features. It’s a big piece of advice we give anyone who comes in, and I guarantee you’ll be happier with the result!

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