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From Venue to Food to Décor and Music, when you begin browsing the talent this industry has to offer, there are a few things to consider. Weddings are a special occasion where each part is important, and when professionals take on too many parts the success of the event may be affected.

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CAPACITY: Just like your guest count fitting in the perfect venue, a professional should focus on the right number of clients per year. What number makes sense to give you the attention your wedding requires? Venue Managers have several spaces and dates to book out to hit sales goals. So, when your Wedding Planner teams up with these Venue Managers, your Planner can ensure all personal details discussed throughout the planning process are not overlooked. Even when the venue requires attention, you and those details are still covered by your Planner. Together, this team ensures the spaces are set, clean, and ready to go.

FOCUS: When it comes to one of the things guests remember most, there is no room to skimp. Food needs to be served warm, and be delicious. So, as your Catering Captain oversees prep and service staff to bring the perfect plate to your guests, your Wedding Planner can help show where that gluten free, dairy free meal is going based on the organized seating chart completed together in planning. Since the Catering team meets the VIPs that same day, it’s helpful when your Planner shares the parents and wedding party tables, so they are served first. Together, this team contributes to an incredible, thoughtful experience for your guests.

CREATIVITY: The vision you have for your wedding may consist of lush floral, soft lit candlelight, or unique pieces that represent you perfectly. So, the installation of floral and décor can be quite the job. When this part is rushed, or done for the first time on such an important day, things may go wrong. Placement, rigging, hanging, troubleshooting the wind are all things a professional can cover for you. While setup is taking place, other vendors are arriving around them, sound checks happen, and everyone is getting dressed. When something little runs off course it is important to have setup still going, while your hired Planner works with vendor check in, setup review, and fixing any dress malfunction where attention is needed. Together, this team is covering the unforeseen instead of worrying about so much by themselves.

PASSION: Creating a playlist for your style is a talent in itself. Reading the crowd and making the right calls can keep a party going, or if experience is lacking here it can clear a dance floor pretty quickly. So, since we hear our couples want that big celebratory party with those that they love the most surrounding them, a talented Emcee will help them do just that. Wedding Bands and DJs can easily share this passion as you interview them. Keeping the event timing, helping wedding party down the aisle, preparing the cake table for cake cutting, or lining up a grand exit for your departure gives some insight in how your Planner works with these groups. Together, this team keeps your event running smoothly.

It is pretty clear all details matter when it comes to your Wedding. By hiring the right professionals to focus on their specific jobs, your special event will shine. We would love to share our vendor recommendations with you, and work as the team liaison overseeing the important details of your event. Let’s Plan.

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