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Planning a Bridal Shower


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Hello again, friends!!

Today, I wanted to chat with you all about something that some people love, some people hate, and pretty much everyone who is a maid or matron of honor stresses about: planning a Bridal Shower. For me, planning a bridal shower for one of my best friends has been one the most fun things to do!! Choosing a theme, location, menu, and decorations is right up my alley, and something that I have been dying to do since I had my own bridal shower a year and a half ago. There are some really important lessons that I have learned through it all, especially some with the state of the world creating mass chaos in the wedding and event space. Some of the most important lessons are:

Give your bride the shower that you wanted.

Having been married and having my own bridal shower, I knew somethings that I would have changed or wanted to be a little different from my own. I was so grateful for the ladies who threw my shower and loved every second of it, but if I had a say in what would have been chosen, it would have been a little different. I was able to take what I learned from that to plan a fantastic shower, with my best friend in mind. I knew what food she would like and not like, the vibe she would want, and what things to definitely stay away from, and part of that knowledge came from things I had and didn’t have at my own shower. However, having my bride super involved brings me to lesson two.

Keep your bride in mind, but remember that it is your gift to her

No one wants to have a bridal shower that doesn’t have any of their own personality involved, that takes some of the fun away from it. I have tried extremely hard to keep my bride involved in the planning process, from cake flavor and vendor, to colors, and especially the guest list, but I have reminded myself time and again that this is my gift to her. I have been so incredibly thankful for her input on things, but I have also taken the reigns and made my own choices on color, food, time and location. Just like with planning a wedding, you can’t please every person, even yourself. It is easiest to go with the punches and do what you want and what you think will be the best, and most beneficial, option for everyone.

Have fun and roll with the punches

This has been the lesson I have been most thankful to learn, especially with the state of the world. Like with planning a wedding, things go wrong and must change last minute. We had to move the bridal shower due to the bride moving the wedding, so almost everything with it had to change. We changed location, date and food theme, and the best advice I can give is to just roll with the punches because often we can’t change why things have to be altered, and the easiest thing is to accept it and move to your plan b (or create a plan b like we had to do). And don’t forget to have fun with it!! This should be a memorable time for you, your friends, and all involved. You are gathering to celebrate love for your people, what is more fun than that?!?

Don’t let the stress of planning your friends bridal shower get in the way of celebrating her big day!! Remember the joy that you felt during your bridal shower, wedding and everything in between and try your hardest to give your friend that feeling too. Even during the most stressful of times, weddings bring people together to celebrate love and that is pretty dang important if you ask me! Until next time, happy planning!

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