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Selecting a dress for your body type


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One of my favorite parts of planning my wedding was dress shopping, looking for your perfect dress could be an amazing experience, but also can start out very stressful. Make sure your closest friends, family are there to show support and help you make this decision. They will most always be honest and caring with their opinions, and help you pick out the one of a kind dress for your big day. Here are a couple tricks of the trade to get started.

Everyone’s body shape is different and beautiful in it’s own way. So when I was picking out my dress, I knew there were parts of my body that I wanted to accentuate, and parts that I didn’t necessarily want to hide, but maybe not wanted to show as much. So with my body shape being more of an “apple shape” I knew I should go with either an empire design dress, or a drop waist. The empire design has the main seam that goes straight across under your bust line, and then flares out to make the illusion of more of a smaller chest. The drop waist design has the main seam going across the smallest part of your waistline, and this design will give you the illusion of a smaller waist and longer torso.

If you have more of an hourglass shape, you should start looking towards more of an Aline dress, or a mermaid dress. Aline dresses look just like the name, like the “A”.  This is the perfect dress if you don’t want to accentuate your waist line or hips. But if you do want to show off that hourglass shape, go with the Mermaid dress. This design will show your waist, and and your hips, just think Marilyn Monroe. Another shape that is great for the mermaid look, would be if you have more broad shoulders with a little waist and smaller hips. Kind of like an inverted triangle. This design will give you more of an hour shape look and show off the curves you do have. Just remember the mermaid dress tends to be tighter in the legs,  so  make sure that you are still able to bust out all your awesome moves on the dance floor.  Try them out when you’re at your fittings! I’m sure everyone would join in with a dance break!

When you’re a little more bashful about your hip size, a ballgown is a great way to show off your bust and bring your waistline in. The pear shape looks gorgeous in this cut, and then you can really feel like a princess for the day.

If you are more of a rectangle shape, meaning just more straight up and down with not a lot of curves, you should try on some Sheath dresses. They are very form fitting, and will make you feel very elegant and timeless. 

Now, these are not all of the designs that will make your personal body look and feel beautiful, but it’s a start. I would try on these cuts of dresses, first to form your body, and then if you want to veer out, just do it! No choice is the wrong choice, you just want to feel your best self that day.  

Take suggestions from your closest family, friends and your consultant at the fittings. They might pick something you never thought you would pick, and you realize you love it.

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