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  You’ve said yes to forever with your favorite person, and wedding planning has begun. One of the essential parts of the wedding planning process is finding a photographer to capture your day and images that you and your loved ones will look at forever. When you start looking for your photographer, you may find it challenging to make a decision because there are so many different photography styles. Choosing a style before booking a photographer is crucial so you can rest assured that you will like the photographs you will have to remember your wedding day. 

  But how do you choose a style, and what do different styles look like? We have found one of the best ways to narrow down your favorite photography styles is by looking through wedding magazines and searching social media accounts of different photographers you are considering, and saving your favorite photos! Going on Pinterest and creating a board for your favorite images to be compared side by side is an easy way to begin. The more photos that you add, the more you’ll start to see trends in the images you are saving. Pretty soon, you will come to learn the look and feel that best suits your ideal wedding photographs!

  When you start looking at wedding photographers, you will find their style is displayed through their social media accounts. Some may be dark and moody, some are light and airy, some are candid, some are editorial, and then there are ones somewhere in between. We know it can seem overwhelming and hard to put words to exactly what style you are looking for in a photographer. We have asked some of our featured photographers to describe their personal photography styles to help you put a name to the wedding photography styles you love. 

SSTX Featured Pro

Luminous and Refined | Alba Rose Photography

We capture moments with artistry and describe our style as luminous and refined. We are film format and digital photographers whose approach is a mix of journalistic and editorial. We believe that blending the two makes us able to capture candids and provide timeless photos for our couples. We pride ourselves on being one of the rare few photographers who still use film as the preferred medium. Our photography style is more than just a “look.” It’s about feeling. We always say that if we capture emotion throughout the day and we can bring our clients back into feeling those moments from their wedding day as they look through their images. We have done our work well. We love pouring passion into unique weddings, photographing incredible clients and their beautiful stories.

web | – insta | @albaroseco

SSTX Featured Pro

An Experience | Rachel Elaine Photography

My style of photography is not so much a style as it is an experience. My approach to photography is much more of a feeling that inspires me. Fine art photography is all about emotion and authentically documenting people in their environment in such a way that it is not forced but more so slowly peeling behind layers to tell their story as it unfolds. Being raised with film photography as a child has allowed me to appreciate the not so much immediate satisfaction of seeing an image behind a camera. It’s much more of a feeling. Knowing my light and subjects and what is needed to truly get the best product every time my hand touches the shutter. Photography is an experience, and I hope one day everyone gets to hold a film photograph in their hands and celebrate a memory that was long ago.

web | photographybyrachelelaine – insta | rachelelainephoto

SSTX Featured Pro

Contemporary & Cinematic | Michael Bush Photography

My goal is to create visual storytelling images. I combine technical skill, imagination, and my passion for photography to produce images that leave my clients speechless. Nowadays, anybody with a cell phone or a camera can go out and take a decent picture. With my style, I try to separate myself by creating high production value looking images that will be a long-lasting timepiece for my clients. The time and planning it takes to create such imagery definitely pays off in the end and my clients appreciate that the most.

web | mbushphotography – insta | mbushphotography

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